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Postmortem: Chillennium 2016 48-Hour Game Jam - Tardigrade's Dangerous Day

The Llama and I participated in the Chillennium 2016 Game Jam a couple of weekends ago and made our first video game: Tardigrade's Dangerous Day. The game jam was a 48-hour competition to make a game with the theme "foofaraw" (which means a big fuss about a minor matter). If you're interested in the technical details, read on; otherwise, you can check it out on here and play it on HyperDev here - please note that the audio only seems to be working in Google Chrome. Since tardigrades had been in the science news recently and tardigrades are all around pretty bonkers, we decided to make the game about a (not to scale) tardigrade. Our stalwart tardigrade protagonist We wanted the game to be browser-based so that it would be portable and allow users to quickly try the game. JavaScript or using something like Emscripten to port C++ to JavaScript are the only good options I know of for writing browser-based games. While we aren't that familiar wit

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