The Scientists

before starting graduate school
The Scientists. We are Ryan F. McCormick (Frogee) and Sandra K. Huynh Truong (Llama). We were graduate students in a Genetics Ph.D. program. Now we are postdocs in computational biology at a national laboratory. This blog is a stockpile (a la Dwarf Fortress) of  tidbits of information that we want to come back to at some point. It will be some odd mashup of our experiences in computing, mathematics, genetics, biology, and other odds and ends to keep us entertained in between.

Employment and Research Interests. We've been fortunate to have advisors and bosses that have employed the both of us and gave us opportunities to develop different and complementary skills. We both have foundational knowledge in quantitative genetics, field experiments, molecular genetics, and genetic tools; Ryan focuses on computational tools, machine-learning, and high-throughput phenotyping and Sandra focuses on mathematical modeling to integrate genetic and environmental interactions. We have interest in anything that resembles determining/leveraging the genetic basis of complex traits (in particular, traits of economic and social impact).

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