OpenGL vs Direct3D: A history

I've been searching around for some information to compare and contrast OpenGL and Direct3D (a component of DirectX). I happened upon this post at the programmers Stack Exchange. The accepted answer contributed by Nicol Bolas is a wonderfully written tale of the origins of OpenGL vs Direct3D, and how Direct3D has risen to dominance.

Here is an excerpt from the answer:
So, the OpenGL development environment was fractured for a time. No cross-hardware shaders, no cross-hardware GPU vertex storage, while D3D users enjoyed both. Could it get worse? 

You... you could say that. Enter 3D Labs. 

Who are they, you might ask? They are a defunct company whom I consider to be the true killers of OpenGL. Sure, the ARB's general ineptness made OpenGL vulnerable when it should have been owning D3D. But 3D Labs is perhaps the single biggest reason to my mind for OpenGL's current market state. What could they have possibly done to cause that? 

They designed the OpenGL Shading Language.


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